Who We Are?

Our Mission

Owing to its greatly varied geographical, geomorphological, and climatic conditions, Nepal occupies the most diverse ecosystem in the world. Nepal has rich wildlife diversity with countless possibilities in eco-tourism. Being rich in biodiversity is a boon as well as a challenge in itself. The proper use, sustainable consumption, protection and conservation turn out to be challenging if not properly manifested. It is a must for the local people to realize the importance of sustainable promotion of the natural beauty along with the conservation of the flora, fauna and the aesthetic environmental beauty of the place. When use and protection go hand in hand, the benefits will be for long run.

ROAR is a youth-led organization with the major objective of nature conservation and sustainable tourism promotion. It aims in bringing together the aspiring youths working for nature and its conservation by providing them a platform to make a greater impact in a cumulative way. The organization believes in bringing together the concerned authorities and local stakeholders together for sustainable conservation of nature. ROAR will also be working in enforcing local communities for advocating the conservation issues. With time, ROAR aims in conducting many researches, workshops, outreach campaigns, seminars that will ultimately help Nepal meet the conservation goals.



Conservation Outreach and compaigns