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Leveraging Wildlife Conservation through Photography- Series 2 was the continuation of 2017 mega workshop with the major objective of conservation awareness through photography and sustainable ecotourism promotion. This March, ROAR FOR CONSERVATION organized another Wildlife Photography Workshop in Bardia National Park itself. The workshop was again be mentored by the experience of Sir. Balan Madhavan (Senior Fellow, iLCP).



Back in 2017, a new idea flourished in the mind of a group of youths to something that was never done before in Nepal by any Nepali. The idea was of promoting wildlife conservation through Wildlife Photography. So like minded people started brainstorming and came to a conclusion of conducting the first International Wildlife Photography Workshop in Nepal. The workshop was named as Leveraging Wildlife Conservation through Photography (LWCTP) by Himalayan Scholars’ Group and A-Square Productions. The idea was to bring youths and wildlife lovers in the workshop and help them excel their knowledge and skills in wildlife photography through the guidance of our beloved mentor Mr Balan Madhavan. The establishment of ROAR FOR CONSERVATION. The establishment of ROAR For Conservation with the organisers of the “LWCTP Series 1” gave continuity to events like this and many more. The workshop was organised in the month of March with a theme of bringing wildlife lovers together. The event was a success with so many nature enthusiasts as participants from Nepal and its neighbouring nations. Camping and rafting were additional highlights of the events.

The participant of LWPCT- Series 2

NameOccupationParticipate Type
Shovna UpadhayaWildlife PhotographerSelf Funded
Thomas VargheseSr. NeurosurgeonSelf Funded
Amlendu DubeyWildlife EnthusiastSelf Funded
Prakash ChhetriWildlife EnthusiastSelf Funded
Ajay Nurshing RanaNature BloggerSelf Funded
Indrajeet PariyarWildlife EnthusiastSelf Funded
Rajan LamichhaneStudentSponsored by TGG WWF
Abadh PariyarFreelancer PhotographerSponsored by TGG WWF
Bibek BartulaStudentSponsored by TGG WWF
Yaman SakhyaStudentSponsored by TGG WWF
Ashish NeupaneFreelancer PhotographerSelf Funded
Anup VaswaniFreelancer PhotographerSelf Funded

Through The Generation Green Campaign (TGG) that is under the wings of WWF Nepal; four of our participants were partially sponsored.

Organizing Committee

Sima KhanalCoordinator
Prasun GhimireMember of Organizing Committe
Bishesh GautamMember of Organizing Committe
Bhumi TharuMember of Organizing Committe
Umang Jung ThapaMember of Organizing Committe
Rajan ChaudharyMember of Organizing Committe

Naturalists and Guides

Ramjan ChaudharySenior Naturalist
Ram Bahadur ShahiSenior Naturalist
Anuram ChaudarySenior Guide
Deepak RajbansiGuide
Omprakash ChaudharyGuide
Arun ChaudharyGuide
Subash KhadkaGuide
Sakar TharuGuide

Our supporters

Event partners


1. The participants ranging from a biology student to a doctor and business investors got to feel the beauty of wildlife with all 5 senses. A group of nature lovers bonded from all professions, that is formed during the “nature-days” is the major success story of the workshop.

2. The local guides were also the participants of the workshop. The workshop fostered technical skills to the real nature guards of the park enabling them to click better in days to come.

3. All the participants not merely learnt the photographic skills but took home the experiences of thrilling and wonderful jungle drives, safaris, rafts and camps.

4. Since the participants were not just from Nepal, the workshop transcend photographic classes to sharing of wildlife-related issues and stories between participants belonging to different nations and professions.

Few reviews from the participants:

– Abadh Pariyar

       “What a week, it was one amazing experience I ever had in my life. Getting such a wonderful opportunity to learn Photography on an adventure trip. IT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL.”

– Ajay Nurshing Rana

       “What a week it’s been in Bardiya with the safari and most importantly the workshop on Wildlife Conservation Photography. Thank you Balan Madhavan sir for being an awesome mentor I’ve ever had. Not the best of photos below but definitely reflects the role of a mentor in guiding young ones.”

– Deepak Rajbansi

        “ This workshop has sharpened my skills in photography every time. I am thankful to the organizers for bringing such events and letting locals like us gain more skills.”


LWCPT series by ROAR is a small step towards a big dream that we all aim for which is conservation of nature for future. But we are motivated and fully energized to move ahead by bringing programs that are even more productive and ensure a huge number of youths involved in conservation.

ROAR FOR CONSERVATION will be bringing the Series-3 of LWCPT on March, 2019.

glimpses of workshop



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